MSH Commercial Construction MSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial Construction
MSH Commercial Construction
MSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial ConstructionMSH Commercial Construction
MSH Commercial Construction

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"Can-Do" Philosophy

Ability to Achieve Success on the Most Difficult Projects

Partnership Approach

Principal Involvement Throughout The Entire Process

Expertise & Coordination

Quality Control

Attention to Safety and Hazard Communication

Startup and Closeout Documentation


Community Involvement

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MSH Commercial Construction The MSH Approach

MSH Commercial Construction

MSH Construction establishes a project specific approach focused towards Making Success Happen. We know that the achievement of a successful project requires planning, timely execution, safety awareness, open project team communication, and a quick and complete closeout.

The strategic alliance merger between MSH Construction Company and The Moss Company was established so that a trained labor force is under the direct control of the Principals resulting in the establishment of a high standard for quality and productivity at the start of a project. MSH controls the initial critical path activities with our direct hire resources setting the quality and time pace for the follow-on subcontractors. We are also able to supplement our subcontractors' work forces if required.

MSH Commercial Construction


Pre-Construction Meetings
MSH Construction
conducts a pre-construction meeting with the entire project team to review the plan and schedule, target key milestones, set the on-site procedures and interface with the clients operations, reiterate the expected quality and safety standards, and establish lines of communication for the project team. Minutes of the Meeting are recorded, published, and distributed to the entire team.

Weekly Subcontractor Meetings
MSH Construction
conducts weekly meetings with the project team to review the current status of submittals, material and equipment fabrication and delivery times, construction progress, and jobsite safety. The project plan is adjusted, if necessary, to maintain construction progress and workforce productivity.

Daily Subcontractor Reports
Subcontractors are required on a daily basis to submit a report which briefly describes the work that was performed, the crew size by trade, the staff member level, and any challenges encountered. A record of safety meetings and any potential safety issues are included in these reports.

Material/Equipment Expediting Reports
These reports track material and equipment items through the submittal, fabrication, and delivery process and are provided to the Client on a weekly basis. The continual updating of this information is checked against the corresponding work activity to assure on time delivery.

Schedule Updates
The schedule is updated on a weekly basis and a 2-week look ahead version is reviewed at the weekly subcontractor meetings. These updates are provided to the Client so they can determine if there may be any potential conflicts with their operations.

Quality Control Inspections
MSH Construction
staff maintains active files on all inspections that are conducted and issue non-conformance reports for any deviations from quality standards. The non-conformance reports remain in an open file until the remedial work is completed and re-inspected.

Final Punch List of Completed Work
MSH Construction
develops and submits a punch list of open items at Substantial Completion that are required to be completed in a timely manner so that Final Completion of the project can be achieved. Copies of this list are given to the applicable subcontractors and the completion of the work is expedited and tracked.

Record Drawings
These drawings are maintained on-site and updated regularly by the subcontractors during construction and status is reviewed in conjunction with each Application for Payment. The final red marked set is turned over to the architect once Substantial Completion has been accomplished.

Start Up and Debugging
There are two steps in the start-up of systems. First the individual components are started up and any deficiencies corrected. Then the system is tested as a whole operationally and training in its maintenance and operation is conducted with the Owner's maintenance staff.

Safety Meetings
Safety status is discussed at the weekly subcontractor meetings and the Subcontractors hold their own "tool box" meetings. Any safety issue becomes an action item with responsibility and time for completion assigned.

Subcontractor Coordination
MSH Construction
often self performs the key early construction activities on a project so that the standard of quality and a rate of progress is established. This work, all of the subcontractors work, and the Owner's operational activities are coordinated on the schedule and are reviewed at least weekly at the coordination meeting.

Close Out
MSH Construction
maintains the same focus on Close Out that is in place during the construction process. The timeliness and completeness of the close out activities is the final and very important step in achieving a successful project. The Owner wants to become fully operational as quickly as possible and the timely completion of this phase of the project makes the Owner's goal a reality.

MSH Commercial Construction
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